Erasure Comics

all this time still drawing out of love

    One Shots: Includes single page comics and other miscellaneous ideas. 


The comic that started it all!  Watch as Steven, his best bud Sketch and his best nemesis Mia go through one comic misadventure after another while following Erasure on tour.  Meet a whole cast of equally obsessed fans and malfunctioning robots.

Snoo    Adventures of Snoo!
    In a land of sunshine, rainbows and gumdrops lives a Snoo.  Snoo     is a happy little creature who loves to love Erasure.  His best         friend Kabra is not much of an Erasure fan but he still                     encourages Snoo as he comes up with new ideas for supporting     Erasure!

EvanEvan, the Rebellious Teenager
He's young, he's different, he's ... an Erasure fan!  Join Evan and his best friends Penelope, Sheila and Craig as they suffer through Evan's Erasurian escapades.

Alex D. Moorehouse

    The Next Vince Clarke
    Meet Alex D. Moorehouse, the self-professed "next Vince                 Clarke."  Now if only he knew how to play an instrument!  In the     meantime, he DJ's at the local goth club, playing synth-pop and     Dark Wave (whatever that is).