Erasure Comics

all this time still drawing out of love


Mental Erasure

me1Part I: The Beginning
What happens when Vince doesn't want to tour anymore?  Find out in this mildly amusing comic consisting of crazy robots, crazier fans and a damaged plot.

me2Part II: The Clone Wars
It continues!  We get a little violent.  No worries though: any death is given a resurrection in the next installment.  Part II has 100% more kidnappings than Part I, plus more malfunctioning robots.

me3Part III: Revenge, Actually
How unfortunate!  Now with even more robots, some that might function correctly.  Musical guest stars appear in robotic form.  Who will win the Battle of the Bots?

Fright At The End of the World

fright1Part I: The contest
What's the contest?  Submit a video clip of how much you love Erasure!  What's the prize?  Touring with them!  In the age of YouTube, originality is key: just make sure you don't end up on the 5 o'clock news.

fright1Part II: Berzerkus Nightclub
The winner is announced at a special ceremony.  Come meet the most die-hard of Erasure fans!   Who knows, you just might see someone who's a lot like yourself! 

fright1Part III: COOKIES
Things start to get real weird.  A possible murder is committed.  Alex D. Moorehouse's MySpace has not reached 1,000 friends yet.  And what's this about a Cookie Brigade? (To Be Continued)