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Erasure Links That Don't Suck

These are my favorite Erasure sites. 

Official Erasure Site - Obviously, the best source for the latest news on the band unless you happen to know someone from Mute. Plus a forum that will make you go mad.  Also, we're actually listed at the Fan Page along with far more superior sites.

Onge's Erasure Page - Long-running, very nicely designed Erasure site. Oodles of content with a great layout, what more could you ask for in a fan page? Always updated with the latest Erasure news!

Erasure Gigography - Longtime fan Brooklyn Sue managed to compile a complete listing of every Erasure concert there ever was, along with pics of many of the shows and merch as well.  Visit it. Your mind will boggle.

Twelfth of Never -  (Evil)James has some rare vids, mp3s and an extensive lyrics archive on his site. It's now in complete archive mode but still worth checking out.

Synt.Nu/Erasure - Basically I assume everyone who's reading this knows who Erasure is.  If not, check out this site.  There's an extensive Erasure links page there along with a good history of Erasure and discography.

Bob's Erasure Links - Dig Bob! He's got the greatest Erasure Links page I know of. Spend hours hopping from site to site.

Erasurette - Fan site with lots of pictures and apparently the Erasure chat room to go to.

Erasure-Interactive - Another site with a great design, really puts mine to complete shame. Loads of neat content and all made by a young fan, bringing Erasure to the next generation! =)

Erasure France - An Erasure site in French! Even if you only speak English and don't understand it, it looks great and is chock full of material.  Check it out.

Mailing Lists

For the forum-averse:

PrivateEar2 - Join Crazy Pughie's Wild Kingdom of Insanity (official name; no, I kid).  Always up-to-date with pictures from different tours.  Plus he's a funny guy and won Andy's cowboy suit at the EIS '04 auction! 

TWC-Erasure - He goes by the name of Cactus; this alone is a reason to join.  Aside from that, he has some kind of insider connection to Erasure news before it's listed anywhere.  Great source.

ISayISayISay - RIP to an old favorite.  The archives are still available however.